There are two ways to work with me:

[Coming soon] The Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab is a brand new collaborative coaching community, where leaders in the tech industry who are ready to create inclusive, anti-racist, feminist, equity-centered companies learn, experiment and support each other.

I’d love to invite you to join us as a Founding Member – with access to our tools to help you thrive as a leader, a network of other equity-focused leaders, coaching calls, Ask a Coach and Ask a Manager forums, and the opportunity to weigh in on our community’s direction as it grows.

The Leadership Lab launches in January 2024. I want you there. Want to learn more about how to join us?

1:1 Leadership Coaching

You’re getting rave reviews at work, but you know you’re capable of SO much more. Let’s make it happen.

You see changes that would make a big impact on your company and industry. But there’s something that’s holding you back: a lack of mentorship at work, not enough time, or maybe other leaders who don’t share your values yet.

I help leaders get the tools, mentorship and learning they need to be thriving leaders who love every aspect of their lives.

Want to get started?  Schedule a chemistry call today.

I'm in.

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