It’s time to THRIVE at work.

Stressed, overworked or overcommitted?

In a job you should be able to love, but feeling far from it a little too often?

You’re not alone.

Luckily, there is a solution. It’s actually a lot easier than you think – and it doesn’t require fancy productivity tricks.

Hello! I’m Emily Leathers, Master Coach and software engineering leader. Through years of managing, mentoring, and coaching I’ve noticed a set of fundamental mindset errors that most managers internalize and propagate. They lead directly to overworking, stress, frustration, and impostor syndrome. And I’m on a mission to get every manager unstuck from them.

Because the world needs skilled, dedicated, courageous leaders in every industry and organization.

And we deserve to LOVE our jobs and THRIVE in our lives.

All it really takes to start overcoming these Leadership Lies is to start recognizing them for what they are. I know, it seems like it should be more complicated than that. But it’s not.

So grab your copy of my guide “The 7 Leadership Lies” and get on the fast path to more joy, confidence and impact at work.

What’s inside the guide?  First I’ll take you step by step through each of the 7 Leadership Lies. We’ll see how they show up in our work, and how they slow us down as leaders. I’ll tell you what the truth behind the lie is.

These truths will set you free from the heavy weight of the Leadership Lies and the stress they cause.

Then we’ll look at the lies in action in your own leadership so you can cut the stress and increase your fun and satisfaction at work.

Finally, I’ll show you how to learn more or work directly with me so you can get back to loving your job AND increase your impact and results. (That’s right, it’s not either-or. More love and fun means much bigger results and bigger career success. But you already knew that.)

What’s the catch? Why not save these for a paid workshop?

I want everyone to have access to the very best tools. I want leaders everywhere to love their jobs and have huge impacts on the world around them. And we don’t get there through hoarding knowledge 🙂 So I don’t hide away the best tidbits just for clients.

I want to bring you along in your leadership journey as quickly as possible – and that means sharing early and often. It’s my belief that if I bring you huge leadership value on a regular basis, you’ll see what’s possible for you, for your team, for your company, and for your career.

Some leaders get great support for their growth within their organization. But many of us don’t. And that’s where I love to work with folks 1:1 or in Leadership Groups. As your coach I zoom in on your challenges and growth, help you refactor your mindset and habits so you can operate at your best, connect you with the tools you need most, and make sure there’s always a listening ear and unrelenting cheerleader at your side. And we make every step of that growth sustainable so the skills you gain serve you for the rest of your career.

Others love the concepts I teach, and want personal support applying them. Coaching is like rocket fuel for your career and your confidence.

I sincerely hope we’ll get the chance to work together. And until then, I want to help you build the fundamentals of Sustainable Leadership, starting with ditching the 7 Leadership Lies and increasing your joy and impact at work each and every day.

Stress and overwork are optional. Let me show you how.