Ep #5: Confidence + The Model with Patricia Perozo

Whether we’re wearing the hat of manager, leader or engineer, our jobs are about making decisions all day long. Patricia Perozo and I talk about why confidence is critical for making effective decisions, and why we resist it anyway. Then I’ll teach you the Self-Coaching Model – the framework backing much of my coaching work.

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Ep #4: Anxiety + Responding to Emotions with Jeff Ammons

When our brain notices we’re experiencing an emotion it engages one of four responses: React, Resist, Avoid, or Allow.

Learn how to identify which you’re using, how to intentionally Allow an emotion, why sitting with anxiety is important for healthy relationships, and tips for reducing your body’s fight or flight reaction.

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Ep #3: Vulnerability + Awareness with Jessica Mink

To lead well we need to be vulnerable with our teams – and with ourselves. Today Jessica Mink of Auth0 and I talk about why knowing what you’re feeling is critical for your emotional health, the right way to be vulnerable with your team, and why being vulnerable with yourself is required to hit big goals.

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