Ready to create a more equitable tech industry?

What about doing it without burning out?

Whether you’re at a big company or a small one, there’s a clear trend industry-wide: The way we’re working needs a revamp.

And as a leader driving those changes towards more equitable, inclusive, feminist and anti-racist companies, you need support.  Support from someone who has years of experience in high performance management, a focus on inclusion and equity and the tools to help you navigate the emotional challenges that come with leading big change.

I’d love to invite you to join me in 1:1 coaching. It’s time to live your values every day, lead your team to true high-performance (not high impact+burnout) and do it all while creating a life that you can thrive in.

Want to get started?  Schedule a chemistry call today.

I'm in.

Be sure to check out the Leadership Lab [coming January 2024] – a brand new collaborative coaching community, where leaders in the tech industry who are ready to create inclusive, anti-racist, feminist, equity-centered companies learn, experiment and support each other.

Looking for something you can do right now to decrease stress and increase joy at work?

Learn about the The 7 Leadership Lies and start creating more energy and confidence in your work.

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