Hi! I’m Emily Leathers.

I help great leaders reach their full potential.

I’ve worked for great managers, good managers, and those with…a lot of room left to grow, and seen first hand the difference a truly passionate leader and manager can make for their team and the world around them.

Along the way I realized I wasn’t loving my job the way I wanted to, and it was because I felt like I was capable of so much more than I was delivering every day. So I combed through books, listened to podcasts, read blog posts, took courses, hired a coach, and had a ton of valuable conversations with everyone around me. I learned how my brain works, how to work better with it, and how my emotions were critical for getting me where I wanted to go – and how to start using them to get there instead of running away from them. This let me build the knowledge to reliably create thriving teams, and re-learn to love my day at work.

Now I use my ongoing experience as a software engineering manager and coach to help you set and reach ambitious goals for yourself, your team, and your career.

I can’t wait to help you learn what drives you, find your purpose and do it, build skills to make you a better manager, and follow through on your promise to make the world a little better every day.

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